Job Costing: Measure Profitablity

By using Exordia Job Costing you can be sure of the profitability on each job or project. The software allows you to easily compare the actual costs against the estimated and budgeted costs and, through that process, ensure that timely actions are taken to ensure the expected job profitability.

The summary financial position for each job is provided on the main Job Costing screen and includes a wide range of top-level information about the job. By scanning this line you can see at a glance the current status and the information available puts you in a position to take action on the job as appropriate. Behind the top-level Information there are facilities to allow you to understand the job costs in the fullest of detail and you can use these to focus on any specific area of the work.

One of the big benefits of Exordia Job Costing is that you don't need to be an expert on the program to retrieve valuable management information. When you enter the program you are immediately presented with a screen that provides up to date details on every job or project - invaluable for the busy project manager who needs a quick status update.