About Us

Exordia Software Ltd brings together the extensive business management experience of the founders and the expertise of skilled software engineers to create practical business management tools for the smaller business.

The company’s mission is to develop a range of business applications that offer the Small to Medium sized Enterprise a practical and affordable route to the systems functionality enjoyed by larger organisations to control their operations.

The functionality and usability for our applications is based on our direct practical experience of finance, manufacturing, distribution, production control and materials management. Our software engineers blend this knowledge with enabling software technology to create working tools that are attuned to the user and give management instant access to the data they need for informed decision making.

The result is products that fit the criteria for successful implementation in the small enterprise:

  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Easy to use and quick to learn
  • Robust and reliable in operation
  • Ensure productive use of resources
  • Compatible with other common office products
  • The cost of ownership is affordable
  • Economical upgrade path for growth
  • Keep pace with the latest technologies